54.451348, -5.632526

Around 2 hours from Dublin , take the M1 /A1 about 80 kms north towards Belfast. Exit the A1 at Dromore and take the B2 to Ballynahinch, and on to about 14kms to Crossgar. From Crossgar take the Derryboy road about 11kms to the A22. At the A22 head right towards Downpatrick for about one kilometer then turn left on to the Ringhaddy Road, the pier is about 1.5km away at the end of this road


Located in Ringhaddy on the west side of Strangford Lough. The MV Alastor was a large motor yacht built in 1929, which sank after catching fire in 1946. The yacht is still largely in tact and its sheltered location makes it a good dive for novices, though visibility can be poor.  Enter the water at the end of the pier and find the cable which will turn into a rope which will lead you directly onto the wreck. It's about 80m offshore in about 15-20 meters of water. Best dived at slack water and in small groups as silt can take a while to clear. Car parking is a problem there so you need to get there early to get a spot. The site has a lot of marine life, including some congor eels. 


Tide, swell and wind forecasts for nearby Newcastle are available here....


Brompton Bay at Bangor in Co Down is approximately 30kms away via the A22 / A21. Heading south on the A7/A1/M1, Clogherhead in Co Louth is approximately 100kms away.


The nearest RNLI station is at Portaferry, and can be contacted at 0044 28 4272 8710.


Water temperatures around the north-east coast average around 14c/52f from June to October, varying from lows of around 10f/50c in early June and late October, to highs of 17c/62f or 18c/64f in July and August. Temperatures average around 10c/50f from March to May, varying from lows of down to 8c/46f in early March to highs of up to 15c/59f in late May. Temperatures average around 10c/50f in wintertime, varying from up to 14c/57f in early November to lows of 7c/44f in January or February. These are surface temperatures, water temperature 10m down will typically be a couple of degrees lower.